• Push Hand Basic Courses

    Push Hand Basic Courses

    There are five methods of push hands and the eight enegies of push hands (Tui Shou) in the Chen Family Taijiquan.



    peng – ward off

    lu – roll back

    ji – press

    an – push

    tsai – pluck

    lieh – split

    zhou – elbow

    kao – shoulder

    Push hands should be done when practitioners are ready, which means that the forms of Chen Taiquan have to be proper and accurate determined by a teacher.
    The main goal is to testify knowledge of alignment, relaxation, flexibility and change against force. Finally, practitioners will understand how to utilize the form as self defense.

    Dan Tui Shou – Single-Hand Push Hands

    Ding Bu – Stationary Stance Double-Hands Push Hands

    Huo Bu – Moving Stance Push Hands

    Da Lu – Big Pull Push Hands

    Hua Jiao Bu – Flower Pattern Stance Push Hands

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