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    This book is offered free of charge by the World Kumsun Academy

    Byung-Joo Choi the president of the World Kumsun Academy of  Zen Qigong is offering this publication as an introduction free of charge to the public.


    The Kumsun Academy Training method stems from nature, and it is a natural 


    method for promoting health by eliminating the source of diseases based on the Ohaeng (Five Elements)
    Principle of the physical universe through inhalation of nature’s positive energy.

    Therefore, it is not harmful to the body and rather than offering temporary effects as do general Qigong
    (Breathing exercise) therapy, it generates energy within the body to fundamentally rejuvenate and
    strengthen it as well its immune system.

    Symptoms Treatment and Prevention


    Constipation, Obesity

    Stroke Prevention

    Tao Yin (Mind-Body Breathing) Exercise, Ohaeng Qigong, and Xiao Zhou Tian (Small Heavenly Circulation) open up the 365 energy vessels to improve circulation of the blood and stabilize the blood pressure. They also remove body fat and impurities from the body to slim the body. These exercises are training methods that allow a beautiful and healthy life.


    Neuralgia, Arthritis

    Back pain, Age related

    Joint Stiffness

    Tao Yin Exercise, and Gulshin (Bending and stretching) exercises correct the balance between the lower back, vertebrae, and lumbar, and pelvis. The accompanying effect of the Ohaeng Qigong relieves pain and they are also excellent post partum exercises.


    Neurosis, Headache, and Innitus Characterized by heaviness and aching of the head, frequent absent mindedness, insomnia, and neurosis are symptoms of hot energy having reached the head. The Ohaeng Qigong and Shui Sheng Huo Jiang (water up, fire down) training push down the energy and alleviate the symptoms.


    Various Women’s Diseases When Yang Qi (positive energy) is collected through Yeon Shin Seob Gi (strengthening and rejuvenating the three areas of the body), the cold energy is naturally removed from the body to warm the lower abdomen and to cool the head to maintain a healthy body and solved various women’s diseases.


    Liver Diseases Liver Qigong, Ohaeng Qigong, Pyeong Hyeong Gong (Breathing the true energies of the five elements of earth, body, and space), and Sugong (absorbing the energies of heaven and earth)  protect the liver from diseases and to effectively heal and revive the liver.


    Heart Diseases Heart Qigong Ohaeng Qigong and Pyeong Hyeong Gong and Sugong   promote flow of blood and improves heart diseases.


    Gastric Diseases Stomach Qigong Ohaeng Qigong and Pyeong Hyeong Gong and Sugong  open of meridians in the stomach for flow of positive energy to improve stomach function.


    Pulmonary Diseases Pulmonary Qigong Ohaeng Qigong and Pyeong Hyeong Gong and Sugong   protect the longs and is also helps other conditions such as chest pains and bronchitis.


    Renal Diseases Through Renal Qigong Ohaeng Qigong,Pyeong Hyeong Gong, and Sugong (Bojeongbuhyeol and Hwehyangjangnyeok techniques of Relaxation), the original state of the kidneys is recovered.


    Stages of Training

    Kumsun Qigong (Breathing Exercise) Training is divided into 5 stages, and training for general health includes
    Yeon Shin Seob Gi(Training the body to absorb the energies of nature) and Yeon Jeong Hwa Gi (Building
    the energy of fire)
     training.  Training beyond Yeon Ki Hwa Shin (Controlling of energy to achieve completeness)  
    is determined based on the trainee’s temperament, zeal, experience, and other personal factors such as work,
    family, and surrounding environment.


    Yeons Shin Seob Gi Defeats diseases, protects life, and revitalizes the body,

    Opens up the meridian to balance physical Yin and Yang,

    Protects against spermatorrhea and restores Qi.

    Trains PeongHyeongGong (Breathing the true energies of the five elements of earth, body, and space),  
    SuGong (absorbing the energies of heaven and earth), and InSeon Technique (Technique leading to a spiritual state)
    and through training in all positions of the body including positions of laying, standing, moving,
    and sitting, allows the body to absorb purity and exhale impurities to discipline the body and to protect the body’s
    essential energies.


    Yeon Jeong Hwa Gi All four types of inborn Qi are healthy, does not frequently suffer from illnesses

    The state of comfort prevents diseases and improves longevity,

    And the increased longevity reaches the age of a thousand years.

    Completes the balance of the organ system,  Xiao Zhou Tian, enters the complete physical stage, and based
    on semi seated training, the internal and external essential energy is transformed for a physical universe of Qi.
    Internally is enlightenment of many multi-temperamental, dynamic, and dimensional Qi pathway, and externally
    is complete realization of the body by sensing the energies of the body.


    Yeon Gi Hwa Shin Increases longevity

    Trains the body to reach a thousand years

    Rejuvenates the body and lightens the steps

    Completes the Daejucheon(12 meridians of the body) as a part of Ji Seon Gong (Balancing of yin and yang of
    the body through the fire of the sun and the water of the moon), and based on the semi seated training,
    internal and external Qi and body of the physical universe is transformed to result in Seon Cheon Shin
    Hyeong (inborn emotional and physical characteristics). Internally, is enlightenment of the movement of
    inborn and acquired physical state, and externally is acquisition of longevity through transformation of yin
    and yang by sensing the earth’s manifested energy through understanding the heavens and the earth.


    Yeon Shing Hwan Heo Trains the body to form energy of permanence

    Trains to gains emptiness and void for movement of nature

    From an ordinary man becomes one who is holy.

    As a part of Cheon Seon Gong (training of the body to reach a thousand years), the physical universe is transformed
    based on semi seated training to return to the state of emptiness, and to give shape to the shapeless and
    existence to the non existence. Internally is enlightenment of the origin of life and death, and externally
    is acquisition of eternal life by sensing the manifested energies of the solar system and understanding the
    harmony of the universe.


    Yeon Heo Hab Do The  emptiness and void is infinite

    The Harmony of Qi is wisely of this and the other world,

    And they all exist in the hearts of our body.

    Train the void and the emptiness to return to the beginning to reach completeness.

    This is the final stage of training.


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