First, engage in the “Skin Pore Breathing” technique, that you just learned. It is very important to relax your mind and body.

*Loosen up your body

*Let your hands fall to your thighs-Palms facing the thighs while standing

*Your eyes should look forward, however you must take in the whole environment-in all directions

*Slowly move hands forward and backward naturally-or- wrap the arms around the back side folding hands at the kidney level



As the name of this method indicates three step practice-the practitioner will inhale while stepping forward three times and then step forward more three times while exhaling. Please take six steps in total- breathe in for three steps and then              breathe out for the other three continuously. While stepping forward, the practitioner will engage, in the “Skin Pore Breathing of the Whole Body”. In this Qigong method the focus is to gather pure energy from nature upon inhalation and thus remove toxic energy upon exhalation.

Please remember that the body and the mind should be relaxed at all times. It is recommended that the practitioner find a pure place to practice this Qigong  method, such as in a forest or in the mountains. If the practitioner does not have access to either of these places-it is best to find trees or find some place in nature that good energy is present.


The Qigong practitioner must, through clear mind intention gather fresh, pure energy from all directions of the universe. Conversely the practitioner must purge the foul and stagnant energy out into the universe, in all directions while walking the six steps.

Breathing in for three steps and then breathing out for three steps.

Send the negative energy out, into the environment as far and round as possible.



If the Qigong practitioner has liver problems then the practitioner needs to step out with the right foot first. If the Qigong practitioner has problems with the stomach then the practitioner needs to step out with left foot first.

Persons of advanced age or those who have serious health conditions need to practice the “Equilibrium Three Step Practice”.

Qigong practitioners who have stronger foundation of these Qigong practices and those who have better health are encouraged to practice the “Equilibrium Six Step Practice”.